How to Write Catchy Title and Headline For Your Business Ad

In This Tutorial, We Will Learn How to Add Catchy Titles and Headlines for Your Business Ad.

The title is the first step of getting your business listing ad a higher rank in search engines like Google.

Let us start now

How could we find a specific product’s name and address of a supplier or a manufacturer? Or of a

What is the first thing or word that comes to your mind If you want to search for a specific service or product? Or if you are looking for health specialists, laboratory services or any other health and medical services?

  1. For doctors and health specialists, You can provide the specialty followed by a coma, the name, city and country. Here are some examples you can
    • Pediatrician, Dr. John Doe, Baalbek, Lebanon
    • John Doe, Pediatrician, City, Country
    • Dietitian, Jean Doe, City, Country
    • Graig Ray, Physiotherapist, City, Country
    • Orthodontist, John Doe, City, Country
    • Physiotherapist, John Doe, City, Country
    • Optometrist, John Doe, City, Country
      and so on…
  2. For entities such as insurance companies, medical centers, Laboratories, pharmacies and others that are not individuals, the same rules apply. Let us see some examples:
    • Insurance & Reinsurance, MedRan, Beirut, Lebanon
    • Insurance Broker, GTS Company, Doha, Qatar
    • Hospital, Al Mashrek Beirut, Lebanon
    • Drugstore – Pharmacy, Pharmacy Plus Zahle, Lebanon
    • Laboratory & Radiology, Laboratoire Abi Taleb, Saida, Lebanon
    • Hospital, Hopital Saint Joseph, Tripoli, Lebanon
      and so on…

Why Specialty comes before the name?

Spontaneously, people will search physicians by their specialties and not by their titles or names. This applies to health specialists, insurance companies, laboratories and medical centers, pharmacies, etc…

Example: I need to find someone who can attend my vision problems, an Ophthalmologist is the right person. If I know the name, problem solved. But if I don’t, will start my search by the following input in search engines – let us say Google – I will write in the search box “Ophthalmologist in Beirut Lebanon” and Google will output a list of Ophthalmologists that have clinics in Beirut Lebanon retrieved from’s directory.

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