Why You Should List Your Practice on Local Business Directory

It’s crucial for healthcare specialists and providers to list their practices on Glinkco’s directory!

We are quite pleased to announce to you and all healthcare providers that effective immediately, we will be providing our no-charge Internet marketing service – GLINKCO.COM. It’s crucial for healthcare providers to list their practices on a local directory such as Glinkco.com service will have the following key features:

1. Make Yourself Easily Accessible.
2. You Need to Be Online.
3. You’ll Get Ahead of The Competition
4. Expand Your Business by Reaching New Patients.
5. Informing Patients About Your Specialties in Detail.
6. Get and Manage Patients Reviews.

We truly believe that you should list your practice on Glinkco.com, and that you and your business would greatly benefit from this DIY service. You can go and check out glinkco.com to see how this new no-charge service can be of value to your business.

You Still Are Not Convinced – Here Are The 10 Reasons Why You Should!

What Does the Free Package Offer you?

The free package of glinkco’s directory offers you more than any other free directory in the market worldwide. Here is a list of all included features:

  1. Name of the professional, specialist, business.
  2. Upload a photo portrait of yourself or Logo of your business.
  3. Overview: It allows you to describe your business’s services, personal curriculum, specialties and more
  4. Address of your business including phone numbers and emails. You may want to add addresses of more branches of your business or clinic
  5. Phone number that allows people to contact you or your business directly for their mobile phones.
  6. Email address to let people send you messages for information, appointment or quote through a private form contact on your dedicated web page. The email address is hidden from public viewers.
  7. Let people find you by specialty or services
  8. Let people know what hospital are you affiliated to or vice-versa
  9. Get to know what customers or patients say about you or your business.
  10. You will get a higher rank in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing

As you see, it worth every minute it takes to list your practice, or your service, or your business on Glinkco’s directory and benefit of this great opportunity.

If You Are Looking For More Exposure and Visibility – The Low Cost of The Paid Packages Are Even Better!

What Do Paid Packages Offer You?

  1. Featured Listing:  Your page listing will appear on the top of the search results.
  2. Links to your Social Media:  Invite them to visit your Facebook page, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube channel
  3. Link to your Website:  Get a back link to your website page

  4. Working hour status:  Let customers know the work days hours. Moreover, an Open / Closed button is available at the top of your page.

  5. Cover Image:  When visitors come to your glinkco’s page, they will be greeted by a beautiful cover image of your choice that illustrates your business and services just above your logo or portrait image.

  6. Google Map:  Map location is available to lead your customers to your location.
  7. Gallery Images to showcase your services and achievements.

  8. Video (YouTube and Vimeo are supported) to promote your services and your products.

Now that we convinced you list your practice and services on Glinkco’s directory, we would be pleased to assist you in case you need any help adding your practice to Glinkco, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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